Start of the Journey

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post of my fitness blog.


The overall topic of my blog is fitness but categories I will be covering a lot will be health, wellness, and exercising. Today I will be talking about how to get started in reaching your fitness goals.

The first step in making a difference in your body is to hold yourself accountable. Simply looking at labels is not enough. We know what is healthy and what is not, but how are we adding all of that up with our physical activity in respect to where we want to be?

First Step

A tool that I use every day, is my LoseIt app made by “The Biggest Loser” productions. The app starts you off by giving your gender, height and weight. Then you plug in the weight you want to be at and when you would like to reach that goal. From that point, the app is able to calculate how many calories you should be consuming per day and from there you start logging your foods and physical activity.


What’s great about this app is the library of different foods and its servings along with various exercises. So even when you are on-the-go and need to grab a Turkey Tom from Jimmy Johns, you are still able to see and log your meal.

This LoseIt is an important tool to anyone who wants to start getting back into shape. Most people believe that when needing to loose weight, they need to head straight to the gym. However, loosing weight is about 80 percent eating, and 20 percent exercise. In order to start reaching your goals, you must tackle the eating first to hold yourself accountable.



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